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Annual Reports Prep and Filing

Company Guard offers a full service annual report preparation and filing service.

You can relax, because Company Guard has you covered. The time it takes for you to research and monitor filing requirements takes valuable time away from growing and running your business. Never risk falling out of compliance again when you use our full service annual report preparation and filing system. Our solution offers you an affordable solution to ensure your company stays protected.

What does our compliance package include? We have a team of professional legal service experts who will do the following for your company:

  • Prepare and file your annual report on your behalf
  • Audit your company records and provide a report of their findings
  • Continuously monitor legislative changes that effect your filing requirements
  • Notify you of any legislative changes

Our service also includes access to our integrated application, the Company Guard Business Compliance Portal where you can:

  • Look over your company information like stock, officer, and director information
  • View the filing evidence of your Annual Reports
  • Minute Book management and other governance documents