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Why do I need a Business License Compliance Package?

Many state, county, and local governments require companies to obtain business licenses and permits prior to conducting business. Business owners must comply with licensing requirements not only for their business location, but also for their type of business.

Failure to comply could result in:

  • The shutting down of your business
  • The inability to open your new location
  • The inability to add a new service or building
  • Your location being padlocked
  • Arrest
  • Costly penalties and interest or personal liens
  • Obfuscating your legal protection

Researching permit requirements and applications can be overwhelming and take you away from running your business. We can help you identify the license, permit, and tax registration applications at the federal, state, and local level for your type of business.

We offer an all-inclusive service. Our Business License Compliance Package includes "highly regulated" industries while other service providers charge extra for this information.