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Registered Agent Services

Having a Professional Registered Agent can be imperative to the protection and success of your business. Why is a Registered Agent important, and how does it affect the success of your business? A registered agent is designated to receive service of process when a corporation is a party in a lawsuit or summons. If you fail to properly maintain a registered agent, this can have negative implications on your business and corporate veil.

A good Registered Agent helps you keep in state compliance, and can warn you of upcoming important filing deadlines. When you are diligent to keep up with the necessary paper work required to maintain your corporation status, it will keep your company in good standing and give you the legal protection that it was designed to do. Choosing a Registered Agent with a good reputation and a solid track record could mean the difference between a winning and losing a legal battle.

National Registered Agents, Inc is a nationwide, professional Registered Agent. As such, it is fully licensed to act on your behalf in all fifty states, District of Columbia and many international jurisdictions. NRAI's sole business is to act as Registered Agent for a variety of business entities such as Business Corporations, Not-for-Profit Corporations, General Partnerships, Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, Tax Haven Corporations, Insurance Companies and Banking Companies. NRAI represents companies large and small throughout the world. And, since opening in 1995, NRAI has handled nearly 1 million Service of Process deliveries.

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